Information for college faculty working during the COVID 19 pandemic

Johns Hopkins Goes Fully Remote for Fall

By Lindsey Ellis, Aug. 6, 2020 CHRONICLE OF HIGHER ED

Beyond the Neoliberal University

By Astra Taylor and Todd Wolfson, Aug. 4, 2020, BOSTON REVIEW

Acquiescent No More

By Rebecca Kolins Givan, July 28, 2020, CHRONICLE OF HIGHER ED

The Simple Questions that Can Help Schools Make Hard Decisions about COVID-19

By William R. Harvey, July 24, 2020, THE WASHINGTON POST

Will Universities Be the Next COVID-19 Tinderboxes?

By Katie Mack and Gavin Yamey, July 16, 2020, TIME

Covid-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

“Unreleased CDC Document on Campus Reopening”

By Keri Murakami, July 13, 2020, INSIDE HIGHER ED

Coronavirus is Spreading in Fraternity Houses, Raising Concerns for Campuses Opening this Fall

By Tim Craig and Joe Heim, July 11, 2020, THE WASHINGTON POST

“A Semester to Die For”

By Nancy Welsh, July 6, 2020, SPECTRE

“The Coming Fall Crisis: A Tragedy”

By John Kroger, July 5, 2020, INSIDE HIGHER ED

“Your college may ask you to sign a waiver for harm inflicted byCOVID-19. Don’t do it”

By Heidi Li Feldman, June 25, 2020, LOS ANGELES TIMES

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