Join Chapter

General meetings are open to non-members.

Voting members of the Vanderbilt chapter need to be members of the national AAUP organization.

To join our local chapter:

  1. Join the National AAUP using the link below:

2. Once you have your national AAUP membership, please fill out our local chapter membership form and email a copy of your membership receipt to We will get in touch about upcoming meetings and events. 

In addition to membership in the local chapter, AAUP national membership dues (offered on a sliding scale) cover benefits such as access to insurance in case of legal disputes against our employer. However, Vanderbilt AAUP does not want membership dues to present a barrier to potential members. To this end, we have created the Mutual Aid Fund to enable any non-tenure track instructors, including lecturers and graduate students, to have their costs offset by the general membership. If membership costs are a barrier to you, we welcome you to email with the total cost of your yearly dues, based on the AAUP’s sliding scale chart ( Your identity will only be known by the members of the local chapter committee, who will be responsible for dispensing the funds to you. 

For Vanderbilt chapter news and updates or to join the Vanderbilt chapter, please send us your name and email.

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